We Do Life Together 

The River is a family and we do life together. We believe that we are here to support each other, pray for one another, encourage one another, serve one another and get closer to God together. We know that none of us are perfect, that’s why we will love each other, forgive each other and lift each other. We know that life throws curve balls at us and issues arise in our lives that’s why we will always stay in touch, always ask how we can pray for each other, help each other and be there for each other.

We Have Purpose

We’re not a religious organization, a building, or even a social club. We are a family of God on a mission with purpose. We don’t stand still, we’re not a lake. We are a River flowing to bring healing, resources and life to each other and our city. The Bible puts it best, “Where the River Flows, Life Abounds.” That’s who we are, that’s what we will do. We will give life to wherever we go. We will love on our community, serve our community, help in any way. Simply put, we will  Show The World Jesus…

We Grow

In the Bible in Luke 2:52 it says that Jesus grew in stature, in wisdom, in relationship with others and in relationship with God. We aim to do the same. Here at The River we have the 4GA’s which means the Four Growth Areas. They are the Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Relationship areas of our life. We figure if that is the way Jesus grew, we will too!  Everything we do here at The River will aim to help grow in one of these areas. 

We Worship Freely

We love to worship in our services. That means we sing songs, we play live music, we clap our hands, we raise our hands, we give it all to God. Our music is a little louder than usual, and that’s the way we like it. We encourage everyone to really engage and honor God in their own way. We just figure, if your passionate about something, it should show. 

We Create a River Culture

We encourage everyone to live a way that allows the River to flow. Our model is found in Ezekiel 47:1-12. We believe it all starts at God’s House, We Go All In, We Produce Growth, We Go Everywhere For Everyone, We Celebrate Everyone’s Life Party, We Spread Our Nets, We Believe Everyone Different, Everyone United and We Believe It’s Bigger Than Me. 

We Produce

Not only do we grow but we also produce. The Bible says that we are to be fruitful. We believe that fruitfulness is a River 5 process. They are:
1) Get Dunk’d – Salvation and Water Baptism
2) Splash Others: Invite & Talk about Jesus
3) Dive In: Use Your Talents, Serve in Ministry
4) Get Anchored: Grow in God & Connect
5) Push The Current: Contribute